Events ticketing that puts you in control

At Tixtu, we believe a good event starts the moment you decide to buy a ticket.
That's why we've made Tixtu flexible and easy to use, so you can run your events the way you want to.

Flexible Ticketing

We realise that different event organisers have different requirements for their tickets, so Tixtu is designed to work with you.

  • Future-proof
    Not limited to traditional paper ticketing, Tixtu supports mobile e-tickets and contactless RFID card, giving your organisation control over your events and insight into your audience.
  • Paper tickets
    Want traditional paper tickets?  Sure, we can do that too.

Flexible Payment

We know one size rarely fits all, so our flexible payment handling gives you freedom to handle payment in a way that works for you.

  • Flexible pricing
    With Tixtu, you pay a small fee per ticket and with our flexible ticket pricing, you can choose whether to pass your booking fee onto the customer.
  • Receive payment directly into your account
    If you already have your own payment gateway for online sales, Tixtu integrates with that too. Using Direct Pay, you can receive payment directly into your account within a few days.

Groups & Membership

All of our members are part of the Tixtu community, but Tixtu Groups allow your organisation to run private events just for your group.

  • Public events
    You can allow any member of the Tixtu community to buy tickets to your public events.
  • Private event
    Want to limit your event's audience to just your members? No problem! Once we have linked your member profiles with Tixtu, you can choose to restrict your audience just to those you know.
  • Custom rules
    Tixtu even allows you to create custom rules, based on your members' profiles, allowing you even greater personalisation over your event attendance. Drop us a line at Tixtu to find out more!

No Servers Required

A common problem for event organisers is making sure the website copes with the most popular of event ticket sales. Tixtu was designed from the start with this in mind — running in the cloud, it means there are no servers for you to invest in.

What's more, Tixtu will automatically scale to meet the demand of any ticket sale, so you no longer have to plan your server capacity for those really popular events.

  • 100% web based
    All you need to operate your online sales is a laptop and an internet connection. Your nominated events managers can setup events, sell tickets and view sales reports with just a web browser.
  • Mobile friendly
    Tixtu's responsive design works seamlessly on all devices from smartphones through to tablets and laptops, so your guests can buy tickets to your events whether on the train or at the office.
  • Scales to meet demand
    Our platform has the flexibility to support the ticketing needs of organisations, big or small. You no longer have to worry about website capacity — we take care of all that for you.