Effective events ticketing for Student Unions

In our work with academic institutions, we have seen how Unions battle with commercial clubs and venues to attract students to their events.

Below, we look at just 4 of the ways Tixtu enables you to provide the best ticket sales experience to your students; maximising sales and promoting inclusion.

Increased Sales & Inclusion

We've seen the queues to buy tickets outside Union box offices (students walking away, not prepared to wait), and how foreign students missed out on Freshers Week tickets as they were abroad when the tickets went on sale.

The solution is simple — the easier it is to buy a ticket, the more you will sell.  Students have told us how they love the convience and speed of buying online with Tixtu.

Tixtu makes it very easy for your members:

  • Sell tickets online through your own branded store front, available 24x7x365 from around the world; increasing accessibility to all students including those on home leave. To date, we've sold tickets to students in over 20 countries.
  • Box Office Sales — sell and print tickets from any location with an internet connection — both here and abroad

“It's super slick
and quick!”

— Student, University of Surrey

Groups & Membership

  • Create your own membership programme, by giving your customers the opportunity to join your organisation. With Tixtu you can setup public groups that anyone can join, or private groups, just for those you allow to join*.
  • Marketing Opportunities - run marketing and direct promotional campaigns to your members.
  • Private events - set-up private ticket sales, just for your members. This is great for student nights, where you can ensure that only valid union members can purchase tickets.
* Connect your Student Record System (SRS) or other database with Tixtu through our API. Contact us for more information.

Flexible Ticketing & Access Control

We realise that different event organisers have different requirements for their tickets, so Tixtu is designed to work with you.

  • Not limited to traditional paper ticketing, Tixtu supports mobile e-tickets and contactless RFID card, giving your organisation control over your events and insight into your audience. Want traditional paper tickets too? Sure, we can do that.
  • Access Control - To ensure that only valid tickets can only access an event, Tixtu provides flexible access control solutions to meet your needs; from print off attendance lists through to electronic validation through mobile and fixed readers. We are also able to integrate with existing access control systems (dependent on their capabilities). For more information, please contact us.

Flexible Payment Options

We know one size rarely fits all, so our flexible payment handling gives you freedom to handle payment in a way that works for you.

  • Flexible pricing - With Tixtu, you pay a small fee per ticket and with our flexible ticket pricing, you can choose whether to pass your booking fee onto the customer.
  • Directly into your account - If you already have your own payment gateway for online sales, Tixtu integrates with that too. Using Direct Pay, you can receive payment directly into your account within a few days.