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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 22:00 The Basement

“This goes out to all the Real Slavs around the world!

Real Slavs we just having fun
But when it's trouble time
We don't joke around
Real Slavs heels on the ground squats
Real Slavs
Real Slavs
Real Slavs
Real Slavs
Real Slavs
Real Slavs
Real Slavs”

If you feel the inspiration after this beautiful lyrics, then our event is definitely for you.
Bulgarian Society, in collaboration with Russian Speakers Society and Czech & Slovak Society, wants to invite you to “Squatting Stags”! 🦌
Once in a lifetime opportunity to Drink, Dance and, of course, Squat as real Slavs without any Street Risks 🤣

Recommended: Dress Adidas suits to impress (or depress 🙈) with a spirit in hand at our event!

💎 Features:
- A crowd of the most cultured gopniks of all time! 🎩
- The craziest dance moves! (https://youtu.be/y90yaLFoYoA) 🕺🏼
- The wildest vibes! 🦍
- The most authentic model of Lada Sedan 🚘 😱 (https://youtu.be/TP5Br2WUBNs)
- Unpaid partnership with Addidas 🤫

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The Venue

The Basement
University of Surrey

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