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Saturday, April 6, 2019 10:00 Merrist Wood College

Would you like to handle and learn about exotic animals? then this is your chance to join us and VetSoc on a trip to the famous Merrist Wood College!!

The trip will take around 2 hours and the ticket price includes the transportation to and from Merrist Wood College and the following activities:

1.- Tour of the Arid Biome where you will get to see species such as Cuban iguanas, tortoises, three banded armadillos and Von der Decken’s hornbills.

2.- Tour of the Tropical Biome where you will get to see species such as coatis, black throated monitor lizards, forest dragons and turtles.

3.- Animal Handling in the Husbandry Room, housing a wide selection of birds and reptiles including corn snakes, royal pythons, tortoises and fih.

4.- Lastly, a visit to the Merrist Wood Farm where you will get to see goats, sheep, Cattle, Poultry, Pigs and Donkeys.

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The Venue

Merrist Wood College

Important Information

These tickets are being sold by University of Surrey Students' Union Activities. To plan your visit, please refer to www.ussu.co.uk .

Additional Terms
Unless otherwise stated, this is a fundraising event for the University of Surrey Students’ Union and last entry is midnight. See website for full policy details.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions about this event, please contact University of Surrey Students' Union Activities directly using the details below.

University of Surrey Students' Union Activities
+44 (0)1483 689223 

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